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For Attorneys

OEHC in Action

An attorney specializing in special education had a case concerning accommodations for a student with severe respiratory sensitivities. The industrial hygienist consulted extensively concerning various past indoor environmental quality investigations, and provided telephone testimony during the hearing. The entire consultation was handled by mail and telephone. The student was afforded accommodations.

Physician Services

OEHC physicians, board certified in occupational and environmental medicine, have many years of practical experience in providing expert testimony in workers' compensation cases.

Additionally, they are experienced in providing:
  • Second opinion
  • Medical record and case reviews
  • Expert testimony
Industrial Hygiene Services for Attorneys
  • Scientific and technical research and consulting
  • Expert testimony
  • Case review and technical advice (OSHA issues, occupational and environmental exposure, sampling and controls, indoor environmental quality, bioaerosols and mold, etc.)
Call us for more information at 1-518-690-4420 or 1-800-419-1230.


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