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Medical Diagnostic Service

We offer a medical diagnostic service for workers who may have work-related health problems.

OEHC in Action

An OEHC doctor saw several office cleaners from the same workplace who were experiencing skin and breathing problems. The OEHC industrial hygienist discovered that their symptoms were being caused by certain types of cleaning products. OEHC reported its findings and the employer changed the types of cleaning products it used. The workers' skin and breathing issues were resolved.

You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire on your work history, your health and what you have been exposed to at work. The doctor will review this information and then examine you and ask you more questions.

The whole OEHC team (doctors, nurses, social worker and industrial hygienist) will discuss your case. You may be sent for additional testing to help us accurately diagnose your problem or we may request a visit to your worksite (with your permission). We will recommend ways to prevent further problems.

If the medical problem is determined to be work-related, we will provide the documentation to support a Workers' Compensation claim and testify at hearings.

Your medical information is confidential. This information can be released to others only with your consent or as required by law.

Please keep in mind that sharing information with us may help prevent your co-workers from getting sick or injured. It can also help identify whether others are already suffering from the same problems you are experiencing.

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