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Case Study

A union asked the Center to conduct a worksite analysis for its employees who were complaining of headaches, dizziness and nausea at work. The employees reported that their symptoms decreased when they were not at work.

The employer, who ran a city garage, had done some air sampling, but did not find a problem.

For most accurate testing, the employees were seen in the Center clinic immediately after work. Blood work results showed a number of workers with elevated carbon monoxide levels.

Center staff members were then invited to a labor/management meeting to discuss our findings and to make recommendations.

As a result, several work practices at the garage changed. Trucks, at idle, were to be warmed up outside; exhaust hoses were to be hooked up and used at all times while repairs were underway; and more fresh air was to be added to the ventilation system.

Consequently, the workers in the garage felt better and the employer's cost of making these recommended changes was minimal.

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