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For Labor Unions

OEHC in Action

A building trades union was concerned about the respiratory health of its members who were heavily exposed to silica. After negotiations with contractors, the union now provides annual medical exams at OEHC for all exposed members, along with high quality respirators and fit testing. This ensures quality care, protection, and training for the members, along with standardized services. Contractors no longer have the burden of keeping up with these programs.

A 54-year-old employee who worked on her computer all day was diagnosed with bilateral carpel tunnel disease, bilateral de Quervain's disease and bilateral flexor tendonitis of her wrists. Lost time, medical costs, including surgery and physical therapy, were paid through the workers' compensation system. An ergonomic evaluation of the workplace was carried out by OEHC, through an agreement with the employer and the union. The employee is now back at work after receiving ergonomic equipment and changes to her workstation.

Union Listing
OEHC patients have been members of these and other unions.

When your doctors don't understand what your members do at work, they're missing important information because many medical conditions may be job-related.

We don't think workers should have to choose between their jobs and their health.

  • Do you or your co-workers' hands, wrists or neck ache, tingle or feel numb?

  • Do you or your co-workers do repetitive tasks? In awkward positions? With forceful exertion?

  • Do you or your co-workers work with asbestos, solvents, lead or other potentially dangerous materials?

  • Do you or your co-workers have difficulty breathing when on the job?

  • Are you concerned that substances your members work with could affect their health or the health of their family?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, your members should call OEHC for an appointment. OEHC can provide a medical evaluation to determine if health problems may be related to work activities or the work environment.

Our telephone number is 1-518-690-4420.
Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Voice mail is available after hours and we return calls the same or next business day.

For People With Work-Related Illness and Injury

Work shouldn't hurt!

OEHC can help if:
  • You think something about your work is unhealthy.
  • You need information.
  • Several people in your workplace have similar health problems.
  • Your health and safety committee has found a problem it needs help solving.
OEHC provides four types of services:
  1. A medical diagnostic service for workers who may have work-related health problems
  2. An inquiry service to answer workplace health and safety questions
  3. An education and training service to help employees become aware of health and safety issues
  4. An industrial hygiene service to investigate workplace conditions that may contribute to work-incurred injury and illness and to conduct industrial hygiene training programs
Who can use our clinic services?
Anyone who believes they have a work-related or environmental illness or injury can call OEHC for more information and to make an appointment. Physicians and other medical providers, attorneys, employers and union representatives can also make referrals to OEHC for a medical evaluation of a suspected work-related or environmental illness or injury.

We can provide second opinions or independent medical evaluations for existing work-related medical problems.

Who pays for these services?
OEHC accepts workers' compensation and all health insurance plans. If required by your health insurance plan, obtain a referral from your primary care physician. We participate with most health insurance programs. No one will be denied services, regardless of insurance plan or lack of coverage.

OEHC staff can meet with:
  • Your union or joint health and safety committee
  • Union executive committee
  • Union membership at a membership meeting
You can arrange for a site visit to OEHC to see the clinic facilities and meet the staff. Ask us about setting up union or jointly sponsored health screenings, respirator exams or safety and health training.

Taking the first step
To schedule an appointment with one of our occupational medicine specialists or to obtain information on occupational health and safety issues, please call 1-518-690-4420 or 1-800-419-1230, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Voice mail is available after hours.

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